Angelina Fedoseeva
— I am a certified nutrition expert, naturopath, herbal practitioner. For over 10 years, I have been undertaking a private practice and helping people worldwide to be healthy.
«I am convinced that great
changes begin with you»

Having accumulated my knowledge, practical cases and daily positive results of my clients, I managed to develop a unique course «Domestic nutrition». As a result, hundreds of people around the world keep themselves and their surroundings healthy.
We currently provide 3 course steps at school. Each meets the course participants' demands in terms of goals and level of knowledge. In 2022 we managed to develop and introduce an apprenticeship for nutrition and healthy diet experts. Since that my life has been filling with happy course leavers who can both do a labor of love and make profit. That was a major breakthrough.
«Even kids are able to form
lifelong healthy habits.»

The first "Cookery course" step gives my participants the skills to overcome deficiencies with proper nutrition and build a balanced diet meal plan on a daily basis. My approach is aimed at halving time in the kitchen and devoting it to yourself and your family members.
«We gather together a like-minded community valued with support, motivation and help under complicated circumstances.»
My major is in running a nutrition private practice, consulting, incorporating client targeting wellness programs. Moreover, I know how to deal with:

• childhood allergy
• bowel problems
• GI disorder
• hormonal problems
• hair Loss
• chronic malaise and fatigue
• overweight
• skin problems
And other health disorders can be corrected without expensive drugs. Every day I see the way my clients get surprised about prompt problem-solving whereas traditional medicine has been unable to bring a positive result for years.
« I admire physicians who take up my courses and after implementing the acquired skills in their practice.»
To drastically change your life and tell you how to live is not my point. My mission is to unveil the ways to arrange a joyful healthy life with no limits.