Nutrition Apprenticeship Program designed by Angelina Fedoseeva, a nutrition expert, naturopath, the member of the UK Association of Naturopathic Practitioners
School of nutrition
Starting date:
Course format: online
Gaining the skills to prepare delicious and healthy meals for the whole family members with pleasure, less time and effort.
Gaining the skills to interpret the results of laboratory analyses, acquiring knowledge about children's health, mastering in additives selection for you and your child, as well as in medicine box packaging.
The diploma course with an in-depth look into the nutrition complexities alongside a subsequent issuing of a professional diploma. All the rights and abilities to be a nutrition mentor, do a labor of love and make profit from anywhere in the world.
culinary course
Home nutrition
Professional course
3-Step Study Plan
Starting date:
culinary course - outline
Starting date:
10-day trip to the world of cooking and delicious recipes
Cooking with Angelina
2 live webinars with Angelina, rubric "Ask-Me-Anything"
More than 40 lessons of 20-30 minutes each
Course chat with a mentor's support
Gift «Holiday recipe book for the whole family», packaged in the New Year's marathon.
Anyone who is eager to cook scrumptious healthy and quick recipes
Skill to choose a technique suitable for you and make healthy meals within 15 minutes
Skill to select healthy and reasonably priced aliments and make them a good match.
Skill to overcome deficiencies with proper nutrition
Skill to turn your family members into your cuisine crushes
Ability to apply more than 100 best recipes on a daily basis
Puzzling over the next day meal is no longer out of your concern
Skill to draw up a healthy meal plan for the week ahead
Daily inspiration to prepare healthy food
Skill to revamp eating habits and make them adaptive for you or your family
Nutrition systematic skills within your own needs
3-week course
Course chat with a mentor's support
Like-minded team
3 live webinars with Angelina and rubric "Ask-Me-Anything"
Weekly homework assignments with mentor's feedback
Availability and effectiveness of the course is proven by thousands of families
CULINARY course included
Anyone who wants to master nutrition techniques for yourself and family members
Skill to self-diagnose and interpret the results of laboratory analyses
Strategies to prevent serious diseases
Skill to independently make a healthy meal plan based on a balanced diet and BAAs
Skill to draw up a balanced nutrition plan for the whole family
Skill to timely overcome deficiencies hereby preventing many serious diseases
Current insights on biologically active additives (BAA)
Knowledge of the digestive tract (GI tract) functioning
Knowledge of maternal nutrition during pregnancy, complimentary meals, allergy, children's nutrition for all ages
Professional course - OUTLINE
Culinary course & Home nutrition courses included
The purpose: to train certified nutrition specialists
Duration: 5 months ( 4 months for tuition + 1 month for diploma)
Anyone who aims to expertise in one of the most relevant and in-demand professions enabling to make great benefits for people from anywhere in the world
Live streams once a week
A separate module designed for a fledgling nutrition specialist to deal with the legal details
Vocational diploma of the state sample
Our course leavers pay off the training after 1-2 months of work
An additional module with a leading SMM - specialist and a social media promotion producer.
Course chat with mentor's and Angelina's support
Apprenticeship for all related professions
Expertise in the field of health and wellness
Up-to-date tools for working and promoting in social media and much more
Work-from-anywhere job, stable income, flexible hours
Skill to render a professional aid to family members
Opportunity to double your cheque requisition with a related specialty and new knowledge and diploma
Opportunity to become a nutrition expert
Opportunity to put knowledge in achieving any of your goals
Cases of Professional course leavers
Darya Korotkova
Saint Petersburg
Angela Papayan
Point A: Finished a course in pediatric nutrition, stumbled upon an avalanche of doubts, incomplete understanding of the structure of the human body and its correlations. Lack of self-confidence as a specialist at all. I wanted to change that.
Point A. Had a knowledge base, practiced, but lacked a profound understanding in the structure and system of the human organism. I was seeking a different approach.

Point B. Knowledge has become much more extensive. No standard threadbare protocols. It has become easier to find the underlying cause of problems. Valid keys to diagnosis. More emphasis on nutrition, tasty healthy meals.

Results: improved bowel function (with blood) to a patient with UC while doctors were unable to remedy it. Helped to recover a 95-year-old grandmother after a course of antibiotics. They worked very well with IR, tackled a fatty liver disease by U/S. Plenty of results. But this is only the start.
Point B: Angelina's course provided me with a comprehensive expertise, the ability to handle this knowledge.

The main thing is I became convinced of myself as a specialist.
So far, I've had five clients, three being underway, and highly recommending me.
Darya Zagorodnaya
Saint Petersburg
Point A: To improve current knowledge on balanced diet with a professional base on human organism functioning and its nutrition maintenance.

Point B: I literally fell in love with an already beloved nutrition deed and being filled with it while undergoing the course. The research opportunities have since expanded, efficient tools have become available to apply them into practice, all the resources for developing custom-tailored approaches to any issue.

Angelina invited me to join their team, so my dream came true! I've had my clientbase grown, many acquaintances have often recourse to me. I take proper care of my family's health and wellness on the basis of the profound knowledge acquired at the course. This makes me feel elated.
Angelina Fedoseeva
Course creatoress
— Certified nutrition expert, naturopath, herbal practitioner. Member of the Association of Natural Practitioners UK. She was trained at Harvard Medical School.

Mother of three children, chief of delicious healthy cuisine for the whole family! Specialist in natural additives and unsurpassed scanner of your lab tests.
College of Naturopathic Medicine (London).
Biomedicine, Naturopathic Medicine (biomedicine, naturopathic medicine)
Detox Coach , Nutritionist (Nutrition expert, Detox Coach)

Cornell University.
Plant-Based Nutrition («Plant Nutrition»)

Deakin University.
Infant Nutrition («Children's Nutrition»)

Monash University.
Food as Medicine («Food as remedy»)
Harvard Medical School.
Genetic Testing and Sequencing Technologies, Genetics - Essentials, Novel Therapies for Chronic Inflammation, Autoimmunity, and Allergy (Genetic Testing and Sequencing Technologies. Fundamentals of Genetics. New Treatments for Chronic Inflammation, Autoimmune and Allergy)
Course arrangement:
Online course on the GETCOURSE platform
Certificate on each course step (English/ Russian)
video lectures with the resource materials
Online meetings to solidify skills and rubric ''Ask-Me-Anything''
free access to the course material for 4-12 months (depends on tariff)
Thesis defense upon completion of the 3rd step
Circle of like-minded people
in a closed chat for questions and support
Our unrivaled mentors will assist you at each step of the course
"Сulinary course"
1st step
Mentor's support chat for course participants

2 live webinars with Angelina

10 video tutorials

34 cooking lessons


- Table of basic ingredients
- Product Recommendations
- 4 recipe collections for the whole family, for adults and kids

Access for 4 months upon the completion of the course

Course duration - 10 days

+ Certificate in Russian &English
"Home nutrition" + "Сulinary course"
2nd step
Сulinary course package included

Mentor's support chat for course participants

3 live webinars with Angelina

10 tutorials

Weekly homework assignments with mentor's review

Access for 6 months upon the completion of the course

Course duration - 3 weeks

+ Certificate in Russian & English
"Professional course" + "Home nutrition" + "Сulinary course"
3rd step
Сulinary course & Home Nutrition packages included

Mentor's support chat for course participants

12 modules

Access for 12 months upon the completion of the course

Course duration - 5 months (4 months for tuition + 1 month for diploma

Diploma+ certificate in Russian & English

Exam+ thesis

Tariff plan
Our team believes that tuition in our school and a profound knowledge in the field of nutrition and health will open the door to a happy and fulfilling life!
We are always pleased to greet rookies and looking forward to you to join our tightly-welded team!
Diplomas and certificates
Diplomas and certificates will be given in Russian and English at the end of the 3rd step.
Participance Certificate will be given at the end of the 1st and 2nd steps.
Starting date:
Educational license